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No limits

Today it seems like there are no limits to what we can do and how many people we can reach through the internet. After all who would have thought that a crude video of two children, with one saying "Charlie bit my finger" would have been viewed over 400 million times just on one website alone? There are multiple winners here and this is very exciting to me.

Turning great domains into fantastic real-estate

The most thrilling aspect of the internet is turning great domains, and even mediocre ones into fantastic online real-estate by placing them at the very top of search engines after all it’s only those on the very first page that get 61% of all clicks! It seems like simple logic that anyone on the first page for the right keyword **will** take their business to a whole new level.

Taking websites to the next level

Hitting the internet since 1998 starting with ecommerce and the travel industry I’ve been through the .com boom and now see what I like to think of as the golden era of the internet. Most recently I’ve worked in the online gaming industry in Spain, taking websites to unexpected high levels in rank and revenue. I still continue to work on my own projects but now feel that there is enough demand and understanding to offer my services outside of the restrictive and controversial world of online gaming.

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SEO at Google Campus

Alexander Aranda talking about SEO at Google Campus in London

I was invited as a guest speaker at a Luckywebs seminar to talk about the principles and importance of SEO at the first ever Google Campus in London. It was a brilliant experience to share my insights directly with business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

What people are saying

Matt Cutts from Google

Mmm... Interesting

A CMS from scratch

Seo is such a crucial part of a successful website that around three years ago I took on the challenge, alongside my team, to create a cms system like wordpress, from scratch!

This site was built with it

The system takes into account all aspects of Seo and it is a Simple Efficient Flexible Automated system or S.E.F.A for short, this very site has been built with SEFA™.

Leased to other businesses

Upon completion of SEFA™ I have successfully leased the technology to other businesses giving other people a chance to benefit from the product, as well as launching a network of my own websites.

Recent clients


A bilingual Spanish / English nursery based in London approached me so that I could take their website to another level.

Google.co.uk page 1

  • spanish nursery
  • nursery london
  • nurseries in london
  • spanish schools in london
  • nursery east grinstead

Top rankings in Spanish

The website was also optimized to rank in the Spanish version of Google achieving top spots for key phrases such as guarderia londres (nursery london).


Visit London in Spanish, all the necessary resources for the Spanish tourist in London, flights, hotel bookings and tickets to all the mayor attractions in London.

Google.es page 1

  • londres
  • big ben
  • guia londres
  • tiempo londres
  • turismo londres

Top out of 190,000,000 results

This website was built with the SEFA™ system that Alex personally developed and worked on incorporating all the best possible Seo practices. As a result gaining a page 1 position for the single keyword "Londres" one that returns a total of 192,000,000 results on Google.es.

Other successes


The Marine Guide is an ambitious project to combine the very best of luxury brands, boats and yachts all into one online portal.

Google.co.uk page 1

  • boating website
  • boat shows
  • boating accessories
  • powerboat racing
  • twitter for boats

National magazine

Four months into the campaign the website had increased traffic of 350% and the increased visibility had led it to be featured in a leading national internet magazine - Webuser.

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