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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Climbing the digital landscape

SEO literally means Search Engine Optimisation, and it is the process of optimising a website so it has the best possible chance of being visible within the organic results of a search engine.

The organic or natural results of a search engine are those that are unpaid, the top results given as an answer to a query appear there because the search engine deems them to be the best possible answers to your question.

Search Engines

Search engines are nothing more than programs designed to scour the internet and store data about all the websites that exist. Part of the initial SEO process identifies the most significant search engines for the target market and adapts websites to comply with their guidelines in order to gain the highest possible visibility.

The Three Point Triangular SEO Approach

Working in the field of SEO for a number of years I have come to understand the subject both on a practical and theoretical level. As such I approach new projects and SEO challenges using a method that has proven to be valid over a long period of time, this is what I call the “Three Point Traingular SEO Approach”.

The method breaks SEO into three areas of interest, the key areas that unlock the maximum SEO potential of any website are:


One green fish amongst many orange

Improving the content and experience offered to users of the site. There are many ways that content can be improved though generally speaking content should come from a reliable and credible source, be original, well presented and obviously meet the needs of the searcher.


Unreachable house on top of a tall rock

Webmasters need to aim to have a website that is accessible to as many people as possible, independent of factors such as connection speed or device. A website that performs well and has as many entry points as possible naturally becomes more accessible. Search engines have now become very sophisticated in gathering and using data to judge the accessibility of websites and this can range from data taken through social media networks and even data related to the speed performance of the site over a period of time.


A swiss army knife with a usb stick

A website must satisfy the intent of a user. Careful research and analysis must be undertaken to understand what web users need and want to get out from a website and it must be provided to them as clearly as possible.


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Carolina Hoyos

Thank you. I'm going to optimize my pages now.

David Shindler

Very clear, Alexander! I've retweeted it

Nancy E Bain

Just read it. Love your simple approach!

Business Reviews

Your article is articulate, picturesque, informative, explanatory and intelligent.

Samaramarami Soita

A great piece Alexander,i like the the three pillars of content,accessibility and usefulness! You are indeed an SEO guru!


Dear Alexander, many tnx for the information. I am new to SEO and I found your article to be of value for a person like me.

Thomas Eissman

Great explanation, I have been researching many websites on the internet and have seen many experts define SEO but this is the clearest explanation of what search engine optimization means.

Romanov Nicolai

Good to see people that really know their stuff, thanks for the advice and your invaluable input into the website.

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