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I have developed my own method and approach to search engine optimisation which I have named the SEO Triangular Method ™. A method that breaks all optimisation tasks into three distinct areas:

Here you will find some of the areas of knowledge classified into these three sections, if you have any questions or if you want to share ideas or discuss any web related issue do get in contact with me.

Personal Services

SEO Training
Delivering specialised training with effective plans and strategies designed to increase and improve the visibility of websites.
Talking to large and small audiences on any search engine related subject.


Making Sites Accessible

Link Building
Gaining links in an ethical manner that is relevant, useful and meaningful to your website.
Twitter Management
Optimising accounts, increasing followers, engaging and reaching new leads through the popular social media platform.
Website Speed
Speeding up websites for increased usability and improved SEO potential.


Making Sites Valuable

Online Perception
Ensuring that people see you and your brand in a positive light, superseding or eliminating any undesirable results within search results.
Domain Migration
Moving entire sites from one domain to a new one, an often complicated process that must be done correctly in order to maintain rankings and credibility with search engines.


Verifying Quality of Content

Keyword Analysis
Identifying the right keywords for your industry that will lead to increased leads and targeted traffic.
SEO Copywriting
Checking and production of content that is relevant, interesting and engaging to your target market.
Website Analysis
Full website analysis to understand what has happened in the past, what the current state of the website is at present and full recommendations for what should be done in order to give the best chance of online success.

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