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Social Media Shares Counter

Social Media Shares Counter

Checking is easy just put your web address above and submit to see how that page has been shared across the biggest social networks.

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How social media shares data can be used

It’s important not only to be aware how your content and pages are being shared and syndicated across the web but also to know what to do with this important data. This information can be an invaluable source of intelligence that when used correctly can make a real difference to your website. Below are a few suggestions and ideas of how you can unlock the potential of this information.

Measuring performance across social networks

The most obvious use for this data is to gain an insight into how you content is performing across your social network, by periodically checking the shares of your page you will be able to see the level of popularity associated with your page.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses

Strong performance in a particular social network can easily be identified, underperforming social networks can just as easily be identified. This allows webmasters to understand the dynamics of their social media shares profile and where to concentrate their marketing efforts, in order to reach a wider, more engaged audience.

Planning content

There are some topics in every niche that just aren’t as popular as others, most likely content marketers will want to focus on topics that are most interesting to the target audience. The social media data from this tool enables marketers to pick a topic from a range of similar websites to theirs and gauge the popularity of that topic by extracting the social media shares data.

Competitor research

Learning through other people's success can be a fantastic way of catapulting your marketing efforts with the most minimal budget. Check what your competitors are publishing and what really works by observing material that receives the most social media shares. Focus on popular trends and elaborate upon them to ensure that your material has the maximum chance of being syndicated across relevant social circles.

Website valuations

If you are considering advertising, or perhaps even buying a blog or website it is important that you consider all of the data available to you, including the social media statistics. It is possible to get an understanding of the popularity of that website by finding some of the most popular posts and pages and seeing how many times they have been shared across social networks. If you are able to compare this data with similar pages from equivalent websites in the niche you will have a better understanding if your investment is going to be one that pays off.


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Could prove valuable for online marketing where viewing (against actual demand) for certain product is critical.

Errol S. van Engelen

Alexander, this is a very useful tool, thanks for sharing and all the best.

Giles O'Halloran

This is a great tool, I like it and I recommend it to everyone who posts articles.

Matthew Gibbon

Fantastic tool and visually apealing from myself and a colleague. Great!

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